My Travels -> Australia

My Travels -> Australia

Originally, I was not going to make a blog post just for my day of traveling. However, there were a couple things I thought were worth sharing.

For starters, I was trying to board the first plane, but the lady at the gate was telling me I had to check my carryon. I tried explaining to her that would be fine as long as I would receive my check bag in Dallas. The whole point of me bringing a checked bag was for the sole purpose of having my toiletries and an extra outfit incase my checked bag got stolen or lost. So long story short, I told them I had medicine I had to bring on the plane which were in my carryon. She then went to explain that I can try to find a spot, but that I wouldn’t be successful and would have to bring it back to the front of the plane. Did I have to turn my bag in? No, I found a spot and it worked out!

On that same flight, which took me from Atlanta, Georgia to Dallas, Texas, another story unfolds. As most flights serve a small beverage and snack, the flight attendant comes up to my row (row five, so towards the front of the plane). The first thing he says is, “here’s a free napkin.” He had a smile on his face and just looked like he loved his job. Even though this was such a small act of humor, it’s people like this who make the world truly a more enjoyable place.

You would think the story is over with this flight attendant, but it gets better. The person next to me ordered a water. Instead of him bring a small cup of water, he brought an empty cup with a little ice and the ‘fairly large’ water bottle with him. He then begins to pour the water from legit two feet away from the cup. He was holding the small cup near his waist line and held the bottle of water above his head. I could tell that everybody that watched what he was doing were amazed.

After a four-hour layover, didn’t feel as long as I thought it would have, we boarded the plane that took us to Australia, the land down under. Depending on how you want to look at it, I believe we got lucky for which plane we were on. According to one of my friends, we had just boarded the largest commercial plane in the world. This plane was two stories high that held hundreds and hundreds of people. Unfortunately for me, I could not sleep much at all on this flight. Because of my lack of sleep, I knew my first day in Australia would be a little rough for me.


After only five hours of sleep, three movies, and many, many walks down the aisles, we are here!!! Y’all, Sydney is awesome. It hasn’t even been a day, but me and some guys walked to a harbor, walked around the city, and just chilled for a bit. Then we met up with four girls from our group and grabbed some lunch, walked through a park, and went to a mall, (the mall here is not like a mall in the states).